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Journal Thingy

Libertines - Dirty Pretty Things - Babyshambles etc

23 February 1987

First things first:

- I am obsessed with Carl Barat/Pete Doherty/The Libertine/ Dirty Pretty Things.

In this journal I'll basically just be posting mass picspams, ranting on about how much I love the above people/bands, ridiculing acknowledging Carl's rubbishness awesomeness and occasionally contributing some badly written fanfic.

- If you're not obsessed with any of the above things, chances are you're going to find this journal pretty damn boring unless
a) My remarkably witty style of writing grabs you
b) You're bored. Very bored. Amazingly bored.
c) You appreciate good looking rock stars
d) You appreciate good looking rock stars who also happen to be sweating and half naked
e) You appreciate good looking rock stars who also happen to be sweating, half naked and sharing a mic
f) You appreciate that two good looking, sweaty, half naked, mic sharing rock stars is the epitome of homoerotic hottness.
g) You appreciate good music (I guess)

I won't be adding much about myself in this journal. This whole thing is basically just a distraction from the mundanities of every day life.

I will say a couple of things now, though:

1. If you're racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist and/or narrow minded: Bugger off.

This also includes the types of people who start a sentence with "I'm not racist but....". No buts. You either have respect for all cultures and nationalities or you don't.

Anyhow, a few things about me:

- I'm 19, almost 20.
- I live in a town you've probably never heard of.
- I'm a wannabe musician.
- I love music, getting drunk and oggling good looking, sweaty, half naked, mic sharing rock stars.
- I'm pretty left leaning. If you're a big gun toting, Bush loving, right wing conservative: Chances are you won't like me at all.

That's about it.

Feel free to add me and if you want me to add you, just comment or whatever.